Co-sign our letter now to thank Sen. Tuberville for standing up for babies in the womb!

Senator Tommy Tuberville is taking decisive action to stop the military from promoting abortion.

He needs to know Catholics stand with him.

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Our Letter to Senator Tuberville

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Dear Senator Tommy Tuberville,

     We are writing to say THANK YOU for your courageous stand!

     We are outraged to learn the Pentagon plans to promote abortions for military personnel and their families. The mission of the United States Military is to defend and protect American lives – not helping destroy innocent and vulnerable American children via abortion with taxpayer dollars.

     By pledging to hold all nominations to the Department of Defense until administration officials reverse course, you are doing a great service that Catholics unequivocally support.

     As faithful Catholics and as Americans, we believe in living out the truths of our faith in public life.

     At this point in our nation’s history, there is no truth more important to us than the fact that all human life is sacred. This is why the bishops of the United States have called abortion the “preeminent” issue of our time.

     Please know that Catholics are with you 100%!

     With prayers and much gratitude,

     Brian Burch, President